You are a part of Minnesota’s arts legacy.
Be counted today.
What is the MN Arts Count?

The MN Arts Count is a census for individuals who engage in creative expression AND for businesses, facilities, and organizations that promote and support creative expression.

From a senior citizen taking paint classes to professional musicians – and everyone in between – all Minnesota artists need to be counted.

As part of dedicating funding to the arts from Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment, the state legislature has called for the Minnesota State Arts Board and regional arts councils to conduct a census of artists and artistic organizations.
Who should participate in the MN Arts Count?

Anyone who, as a personal pastime or a profession, sings, acts, dances, writes, draws, paints, sculpts, illustrates, photographs, films, weaves, directs, play an instrument, composes, share stories, designs, or any other form of creative expression.


Any business, facility, agency, or organization that produces, presents, or promotes creative expression.

It’s time to be counted.
Why should I participate?

We need to count the individuals and businesses, agencies, and organizations who participate in and support all forms of creative expression. By participating in the MN Arts Count, individuals and organizations can help demonstrate the many ways Minnesotans participate in the arts and the importance of supporting the arts.
Will my name be sold or my inbox filled with spam?

No. The Minnesota State Arts Board and Minnesota’s regional arts councils are collecting this information to help better understand the number of individuals who engage in the arts or creative expression and the volume and scope of arts activities in the state of Minnesota.

Individuals or organizations may complete the questionnaire without providing contact information. However, the Arts Board and regional arts councils would like to be able to provide information about arts programs or grants opportunities that might be available to the individual or organization that completes the survey, and can only do so for those individuals and organizations that provide contact information.

Arts Board staff will have access to the data. Information that is collected will be distributed as allowed by the Minnesota Data Privacy act.

You are a part of Minnesota’s arts legacy.